This page is dedicated to the families who have members who have gone over the rainbow bridge.

  Ella, Cab & Satchmo
March 2014 - April 2023

This is our gang which we adopted in March 2014. They are all cousins and were the best of friends. Because they were related, chances of getting something horrible in their health was much higher. Each was named after Scat Jazz performers. Our female was named Ella for Ella Fitzgerald, one male was name Cab for Cab Calloway and the other male was named 'Satchmo' for Louis Armstrong. Ella died from Kidney disease, both boys died from cancer. They are missed everyday but we know that they are not suffering now. The rainbow bridge heals them as they cross it.

Lorraine & Drew Nathanson
11/13/93 - 05/11/05

Alice was a wonderful dog. Use this link to read Alice's amazing story - Alice's Tribute. New browser tab will open.

Jerry Pizet

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